ToughLove – Presents an effective participatory program for parents of unruly teenagers that teaches parents how to use discipline and love to precipitate positive changes in child behavior and family life.

ToughLove Solutions – A followup to the bestselling ToughLove, this book describes the effectiveness of a participatory program to help parents of troubled youth deal with outrageous behavior, drugs and other challenges.

The Electronic Congress – Ted’s first effort to empower citizens in a more participatory democracy.

Real Justice – Ted offers a moving and powerful account of the growth and development of restorative justice conferencing in Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States through true stories of victims and offenders in real life encounters.

Restorative Practices Handbook A practical guide for educators interested in implementing restorative practices, an approach that proactively builds positive school communities while dramatically reducing discipline referrals, suspensions and expulsions.

Restorative Justice Conferencing A combined package of two-books-in-one: Real Justice, stories about conferencing, and The Conferencing Handbook, a how-to primer on facilitating conferences.

Restorative Circles In Schools: Building Community and Enhancing Learning – A practical guide to the use of circles in schools and other settings, as well as an in-depth exploration of circle processes

Family Power: Engaging and Collaborating with Families – A new approach for working with families-epitomized by the process of “family group conferencing” (FGC) or “family group decision making” (FGDM)- seeks to strengthen this fabric by enlisting the collective power of families and their communities of care to address their own issues and solve their own problems.

Safer Saner Schools: Restorative Practices in EducationA collection of articles about use of restorative practices in elementary and secondary schools, based on the pioneering work of the International Institute for Restorative Practices.

Building Campus Community: Restorative Practices in Residential LifeAuthored by Ted Wachtel, with an introductory chapter co-authored with Stacy Miller, former director of University of Vermont residence life, this book shares effective strategies and a guiding philosophy that enable college and universities to foster positive relationships, respond to conflicts and problems and raise consciousness about bias, alcohol abuse and other challenging issues.

Dreaming of a New Reality: How restorative practices reduce crime and violence, improve relationships and strengthen civil society – Compelling stories and statistics in six areas of society that demonstrate the promise of restorative practices.

Beyond The Schoolhouse: Learning For A New Reality – A visionary work when first written in 1977, as an angry young teacher’s response to the ineffectiveness and injustice of traditional schools as he experienced them. In the forty years since, it has only become more relevant.

True Representation: How Citizens’ Assemblies and Sortition Will Save Democracy – Most people believe that voting is democracy, and that an election is the only way to choose people for public office. But they are mistaken. This book explains how we can legally and constitutionally redefine how governance is done, creating local, state, regional and national “citizens’ assemblies,” whether official or experimental.