The Electronic Congress book coverThe Electronic Congress

Hardcover: 130 pages
Publisher: The Piper’s Press
Status: First published March 1, 1993; Currently out of print
ISBN-10: 0963388703
ISBN-13: 978-0963388704
Product Dimensions: 6″ x 9″

Always ahead of the curve in embracing new technology, Ted has long recognized its potential use as a tool not just to reach but to engage the masses. His prescient thinking around employing the latest technology to create an avenue for direct participation of the electorate presaged the popular Internet by nearly a decade.

From Midwest Book Review: Wachtel’s blueprint for “participatory democracy” goes beyond the Perot suggestion to create an intriguing new concept of voter’s rights. Could consumers participate directly in Congressional decision-making processes via phone? Could national electronic communications lead to new visions of democracy? The concepts are worthy of classroom discussion, as well as leisure reading and study.