Building a New Reality website (2015-ongoing) website

Ted is currently working on three prototypes that he and his colleagues hope to build and evaluate, with the support of those who share his concerns about governance, enterprise and learning.

True Representation (2017-ongoing)

True Representation logo

True Representation is an experiment in governance built on RP principles. “True Representation” advocates for election by lottery and other forms of direct democracy.

GLIA (proposed)

Global Local Investment Association logo

GLIA (Global Local Investment Association) is a proposed experimental non-profit association, guided by restorative principles, that fosters investment in globally aware, ethical local corporations. The global association will ultimately be based on local membership chapters.

Threshold (proposed)

Threshold Logo

Threshold is a proposed non-profit or certified B/benefit corporation dedicated to building a non-graded, non-school lifelong learning system — an approach first proposed in an article by Kenneth Silber in 1972. Threshold will develop non-graded, participatory experiences for independent learners, homeschoolers and for schools that foster self-directed learning.