How Citizens’ Assemblies and Sortition Will Save Democracy

True Representation Book Cover

eBook: Approx. 120 pages
Publisher: The Piper’s Press (2019)

Ted’s 64-page manifesto, laying out his vision for governance in a new reality:

  • What To Do For Your Country
  • The Myth of Voting
  • The Wisdom of Crowds
  • The Nation in a Room
  • The Sortition Menu
  • The Pursuit of Power
  • The True Representation Pledge
  • Recommended Resources on Citizens’ Assemblies and Sortition
  • A Call to Action: A U.S. Citizens’ Assembly on Gun Control

Praise for True Representation:

“Rather than throw up his hands in despair over gridlock and extreme partisan politics in Washington, Ted Wachtel offers a solution that can save our democracy by highlighting a time-tested method that is as simple as it is sensible. Very thoughtful and persuasive.”

Phil Goldsmith, former CEO of the School District of Philadelphia and former Deputy Mayor and City Manager of Philadelphia