Ted Wachtel in a suit and tiePeople who know Ted Wachtel most often describe him as a person of nearly boundless energy, ideas and enthusiasm. One need only look at the prodigious output of his life’s work to date to agree.

Outlined in this section are the highlights of his career before retirement, and a few still ongoing projects. They are divided into major chronological groups. From this perspective, it’s easy to trace Ted’s current work back to his early interests and passions.

1968-1976 – Introduction, Partnership & Teaching

1976-1984 – Applied education, Environmentalism, First book

1984-1994 – Environmentalism, Publishing, Governance

1994-1999 – Restorative justice, Restorative practices, Outreach

2000-2010 – International Institute for Restorative Practices, Consulting, Art Curation

2011-2015 – Solar power, retirement

2015-Present – Building A New Reality, Governance, Investment, B Corporations