County government reform referendum, slide show and related research (1973-1975)

Government Reform ReferendumGovernment Reform Referendum

Elementary and secondary private academic alternative schools and related building construction projects (1977-ongoing)

CSF Alternative Schools

Community Service Foundation

Group homes for delinquent and at-risk youth and related building construction projects (early 1980s-ongoing)

CFS Alternative Schools
CFS Alternative Schools

Drug and alcohol treatment programs (early 1980s-ongoing)

CSF Day schoolCSF Alternative Schools and Day Treatment Programs

Day treatment programs (mid-1980s-ongoing)

Day treatment programsCSF Day Treatment Programs

Workplace restorative practices implementation (1980s-ongoing)

Toxic talk DVD

IIRP DVD on Restorative Practices in the Workplace

Natural food co-operative store (early 1980s)

Student-run co-op store

Natural Foods Co-Op Store

Organic mini-farm (early 1980s)

Student and instructor working the mini-farm

Ted’s colleague and a student working the mini-farm

Geodesic greenhouse (early 1980s)

Growing salad greens in the winter in a geodesic dome greenhouseGrowing salad greens in the winter

solar greenhouseSolar Greenhouse

Geodesic home and alternative septic system (early 1980s-ongoing)

geodesic home in early stagesGeodesic home in early stages

Solar envelope house design (1979-1981)

solar house blueprints

Ted Wachtel’s architectural drawing of his solar house design,
where he and Susan live today.

Passive solar housing development (1979-ongoing)

solar residence in early stagesRoadbuilding to solar residential development

Framing out the solar residenceFraming out the second solar house

The third passive solar residenceThe third solar-powered residence

Toughlove parent support groups and related books (1979-1983)

The ToughLove Books

ToughLove gets media attention
The ToughLove program gets national media attention.